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The original Snowflake wheel helped make the late-’70s Firebird and Trans Am an icon. They still look great today, but unfortunately for most enthusiasts the wheels are just too small for today’s build styles. We’ve solved that problem!

We’ve taken the iconic original designs that look so good, and updated them with modern 17-inch diameters with 9” widths. Updating the size allows the use of modern tires and increases room for bigger brake hardware – and of course bigger wheels and tires always looks great. Our Snowflake wheels accept OEM-type center caps and lug nuts, and the wheels feature machined edges with powder-coated recesses.

The cherry on top of all this coolness is the extremely affordable pricing, whether you’re talking about single wheels or complete sets with lug nuts and center caps. Be sure to check out our updated classic wheels and get your muscle car looking and performing better than ever.


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